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By T. Henriksen

America and Rogue States narrates and analyzes the USA dating with the most nuclear-threatening, terrorist-sponsoring outcast states over the last decades.

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His ill-fated war against Iran was a disaster for Iraq. Aside from the expenditure of thousands of Iraqi soldiers’ lives, it placed the country in grievous debt. 6 Baghdad owed an estimated $60 billion to the Sunni Gulf states, principally Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, which lent funds to Hussein to halt the expansion of Iran’s brand of Shiite fundamentalism. Rather than expressions of gratitude, Kuwait insisted on repayment. Hussein was outraged. In his mind, the sheikdom owed him for its safety. Worse, Hussein believed that Kuwait and other Arab oil producers priced black crude too low on the world market.

Therefore, Iran’s membership in the nuclear club constitutes a defeat for Middle East security and for antiproliferation hopes. The so-called lesser rogue states, such as Syria, Cuba, and Sudan, suffered setbacks or declined without Soviet aid; they no longer present the threats they once did. Venezuela possesses troublesome tendencies, which might portend a new hostile regime. If that becomes the case, the rogue phenomenon will reoccur as it has in the past. And not once, but like Sisyphus in the underworld, the United States will have to handle again and again these adversarial players or risk catastrophic consequences.

The British-ruled kingdom moved in stages toward independence, which came in 1932 with an imported monarchy from Saudi Arabia. The Britishinstalled crown presided over the disparate population pulled within borders demarcated by European statesmen thousands of miles away after World War I. The transplanted royal family survived until 1958, when the Iraqi military ousted King Faisal II in a bloody coup. The Iraqi officers decreed a “republic,” but it was such a government in name only. The subsequent strongmen ruled with an iron fist and rubber-stamp parliaments.

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