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By Antero Alli

All Rites Reversed?! is full of ritual recommendations stripped of dogma and imposed trust for powerful rite. "When you input Antero Alli's magic circle you develop into one with the 1st Paleolithic shamans dancing to the bear-god. you are going to comprehend your self here-now as you have got by no means identified your self before..".

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If we can feel our body as a hollow vessel, it can enhance the alchemical sense of mixing, containing, dissolving and distilling the essences to be extracted. There is a certain benevolent detachment that comes with accessing the Source without losing yourself while serving its expression with more clarity of form. After re-claiming our negative projections (through Dark Rites of , the Soul), spiritual ceremonies begin a~ailing themselves to us. Rituals II engaging our direct perception of the immediate environment require little or no psychic and/or psychological projection to work.

The task is alternating chairs so one becomes acquamted with each perspective and the manner by which they CAST JUDGMENT. 6) JUDGEMENT DAY. Two participants start out sitting in two chairs, one in the SEAT OF EGO and the other in the SEAT OF SELF. The rest of the others await about twenty feet away clustered together in NO-FORM. The person in the SEAT OF EGO calls a name by random while the person in the SEAT OF SELF sim,ply beckons that person forward from NO-FORM. The person called now stands facing the seated two wh~le , the EGO casts its judgment on that person.

Aft r DYING, they · enter the space designated to AFTERLIFE... and r after walk back to the "Waiting Room" of NO-FORM to be born bin. through as many reincamational cycles as necessary. Watch for ny onn ting currents along the way between lifetimes. Be open to r ) I nE; with oth ra from whatever stage you're in. tl: Start with a standing Group Circle in the center of setting with everyone facing away from center. While touching at the shoulders, everybody nters NO-FORM. ·above the ircle of NO-FORM.

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