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By Libby Roderick

Making up greater than ten percentage of Alaska's inhabitants, local Alaskans are the state's biggest minority workforce. but so much non-Native Alaskans comprehend strangely little in regards to the histories and cultures in their indigenous acquaintances, or concerning the vital concerns they face. This concise e-book compiles commonly asked questions and gives informative and obtainable responses that make clear a few universal misconceptions. With responses composed through students in the represented groups and reviewed by way of a panel of specialists, this easy-to-read compendium goals to facilitate a deeper exploration and richer dialogue of the advanced and compelling matters which are a part of Alaska local lifestyles this day. (20110301)

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Given all these factors, it would seem irresponsible for ANCSA corporations not to consider mineral resources, oil, gas, and timber as potential sources of profit. From my perspective, oil development on land has been far less harmful than oil development offshore. The major disasters concerning oil have been off the coasts of the world—Spain, South Africa, France, the Gulf of Mexico, Southern California, and Ireland, to name a few. Given that, I am surprised that conservationist efforts in Alaska have not been more focused on offshore “The Alaska Native Claims oil production rather than proposals for development on Settlement Act was a giant act land, especially the small fraction of lands owned by Alaska Natives.

Sakuuktugut: Alaska Native Corporations. Alexandra J. McClahanan, ed. Anchorage: CIRI Foundation, 2006. Discusses how the traditional Native value of sharing has been incorporated into modern practices of Alaska Native corporations. Hall, Joelle et al. ” Anchorage: ANCSA Regional Corporation Presidents and CEOs, 2007. Hensley, William L. Iggiagruk. ” May 2001. Paper written by Iñupiaq land claims leader Willie Hensley as a graduate student in a UA Constitutional Law class in 1966. Researching and writing this paper sparked Hensley’s lifetime activism on behalf of Native peoples and their lands and cultures.

The larger question of ANCSA corporations and their rightful or wrongful place in the future of Alaska Native people is beyond the scope of this essay. Whatever your position is about economic development on ANCSA lands, please keep in mind that unless you are an Alaska Native, you are talking about our last lands—not yours. For further reading on this topic, I suggest the book Alaska Native Land Claims edited by Robert Arnold. ANKN. org, the many websites of Native organizations, mining and development associations, the various branches of the federal and state governments related to Alaska lands, and the conservation organizations.

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