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By Alan J. Vick, Adam Grissom, William Rosenau, Beth Grill, Karl P. Mueller

Background indicates that an stricken state needs to itself defeat an insurgency politically and militarily, and how to assistance is to supply recommendation, education, and gear.

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Some would argue that the March 11, 2004, terrorist bombings of four commuter trains in Madrid, Spain, are an 12 Air Power in the New Counterinsurgency Era ist movement has ever succeeded in mobilizing a sizeable population. On the contrary, terrorist violence typically alienates large segments of society, thereby creating a backlash that ultimately favors the state. In short, terrorists have never accomplished what the Front de Libération Nationale insurgents did in Algeria, the Khmers Rouges did in Cambodia, or the Tigray People’s Liberation Front did in Ethiopia: driving out or destroying an incumbent power, seizing the apparatus of state control, and exercising authority over substantial physical territory.

S. national security policy. The next chapter continues our discussion of the insurgency phenomenon, moving from an exploration of trends to lessons learned from counterinsurgency operations over the last century. Specifically, the chapter identifies four broad principles to guide national security planners as they seek to devise strategies to defeat insurgencies. S. 2 This marks the third time in post–World War II history that the nation’s defense establishment has undertaken a significant effort to understand and respond to the threats posed by what has been referred to at various times as “indirect aggression,” “low-intensity conflict,” “remote area conflict,” “irregular warfare,” and insurgency.

65–99. S. nuclear forces received renewed investment and attention during this period as well. Deterring, and even preparing to fight, a nuclear war was a high-priority mission for DoD, but it was the central organizing principle only for the Strategic Air Command and other specialized forces. S. S. : Brookings Institution Press, 1997. 6 A 1990 RAND report for the Army detailed steps the Army could take to improve its counterinsurgency capabilities, but without a broader consensus recognizing the importance of counterinsurgency, little progress was made.

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