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10. The only admissible step for the cycle parameter is 1. Instead of giving the explicit value i , , a relation of the form i < m may be employed as an upper limit for the cycle parameter. 40 AUTOMATIC PROGRAMMING I N EASTERN EUROPE Besides arithmetic operators, represented by formulas, five other types of operators are allowed: logical operator restoring operator nonstandard operator readdressing operator repeat and check operator 4 B, H, n, DC. Each operator is represented by its symbol followed by a set of parentheses inside of which information about the operator is given.

The notation used in [27], obviously designed for three-address computers, differs from that of Lyapunov and Yanov in the following manner. The ith logical condition (or “predicate”) is followed by an n open bracket [ with two numbers, denoting the ordinal numbers of m operators to which the control is to be transferred; the upper number is the ordinal number of the operator to be executed if the preceding logical condition is satisfied, otherwise the control is transferred to the operator designated by the lower number.

This is especially worthwhile for it allows the introduction of new standard subprograms with extreme ease. ’ When producing codes the programming system takes care not only to economize the quantity of working cells but also to minimize the number of instructions involved in representing the given operator in the form of machine code. A very interesting novelty of this system is the checking procedure. The reader will note the difference between the meaning attached to the word “subprogram”in this section and the conventional understanding of the term.

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