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By Stephen Kinloch Pichat

A clean exam of the origins, evolution and way forward for proposals for a UN 'Legion' - an enduring army strength recruited, knowledgeable and deployed by means of the UN.

This new ebook indicates how this proposal has grown, re-emerged and advanced in direct reference to the improvement of UN foreign army forces. The legionnaires were visible because the destiny representatives of a latest constabulary, overseas police or humanitarian chivalry. they've got additionally at all times evoked the assumption of mercenaries and resurrected fears of supranational executive and a 'world army'. any such strength has been inconceivable while wanted, now not wanted while possible, revealing the deficiencies of the foreign process within the standpoint of a specific job. the assumption highlights the inadequacy of the potential in comparison to the ambitions, and the boundaries of the UN's skill to evolve itself to new demanding situations.

This examine examinmes how the undertaking of a UN 'Legion' is conditional at the viability of the unique Utopia, and vice versa. It additionally argues that the intense polarization of the controversy may possibly replicate a bent to negate the inherent contradictions of truth, reminding us of the historic measurement of the development of a world association, a 'work in progress'.

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A prolific author, Stassen reiterated some of the ideas he had first mooted in ‘Blueprint for a World Government’ some 50 years earlier when, in 1994, in a book that advocated restructuring the UN, he drafted a revised United Nations Charter which included provision for a UN legion. (See H. E. ) (NB. ) See a comprehensive review of peace plans proposed by various authors before and during the Second World War, in E. Wynner and G. Lloyd (eds), Searchlight on Peace Plans (New York: E. P. Dutton, 1944), 532 pp.

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