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By H.L. Mencken

This excellent Sequel to the best-selling A Mencken Chrestomathy of approximately part a century in the past is stuffed with the iconoclastic logic that marked H. L. Mencken's unbelievable occupation because the optimal American social critic of the 20 th century. accrued via Mencken himself ahead of he died in 1956, this moment chrestomathy ("a number of chosen literary passages," with the accessory at the tom) includes writings a few number of matters - politics, conflict, track, literature, women and men, legal professionals, brethren of the fabric. a few of his essays have beguiling titles - "Notes for a good Autobiography," "The Commonwealth of Morons," "Le Vice Anglais," "Acres of Babble," "Hooch for the Artist." them all are a excitement to learn, and we're reminded that what Mencken wrote within the early years of this century continues to be acceptable to a really varied the USA.

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Knowing that he was quite as safe within his ancient order as a dog among the canidæ, he gave no thought to appearances. But in the same way he knew that he had reached his limit—that no conceivable effort could lift him higher. He was a grandee of Spain and that was all; above glimmered royalty and the hierarchy of the saints, and both royalty and the hierarchy of the saints were as much beyond him as grandeeism was beyond the polite and well-educated head-waiter who laved him with ice-water when he had mania à potu.

The savage is the most meticulously moral of men; there is scarcely an act of his daily life that is not conditioned by unyielding prohibitions and obligations, most of them logically unintelligible. The mob-man, a savage set amid civilization, cherishes a code of the same draconian kind. He believes firmly that right and wrong are immovable things—that they have an actual and unchangeable existence, and that any challenge of them, by word or act, is a crime against society. And with the concept of wrongness, of course, he always confuses the concept of mere differentness—to him the two are indistinguishable.

Originally published in hardcover by Alfred A. , New York, in 1995. The Library of Congress has cataloged the Knopf edition as follows: Mencken, H. L. (Henry Louis), 1880–1956. A second Mencken chrestomathy / by H. L. —1st ed. p. cm. eISBN: 978-0-307-83111-8 I. Teachout, Terry. II. Title. 1 Contents Cover About the Author Other Books by This Author Title Page Copyright Editor’s Introduction I. Americana The Commonwealth of Morons The Pushful American The Metaphysic of Rotary The Yokel Varieties of Envy The Immigration Problem Utopia in Little Bring On the Clowns II.

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