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By Cyril Fagan

The elemental textbook of the Western Sidereal university of astrology

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The first thing was a single point that became all dimensions. The single point was a circle that, seen in two dimensions from the side, was a straight line. Thus, the first thing in the hand of God was a circle and a straight line, represented by the traditional medicine wheel, with the circle encompassing all and the straight line going out in all directions which, when delineated to its finest points, actually create the circle, radiating out. Above and below are spirals radiating out, that is, circles in time.

Each circle is now, but the spiral connects all the nows in the circle, forever. If time is seen as a spiral of energy, all points in time are discrete yet connected at the same time; past, present and future can be seen as a single point from the vantage of seeing only the circle of time (the spiral on its end, two-dimensionally). So, all time is one time, or now, when all points are seen as one. You can see these ideas illustrated in rock art throughout the Americas; it is a gift of Dreamtime that shamans have shared down through the ages and upon all places on the Earth.

The golden mean spiral can be seen as coming from a plane below this one and expressing itself on this plane in the natural, physical shapes of all things, by using its three-dimensional form, the Fibonacci spiral, then spiraling on to the next plane. ) From the Fibonacci spiral, the one (the circle, dot, point, or doorway) is derived from all material forms (the sphere, the dodecahedron, the icosahedron, the octahedron, the hexahedron, and the tetrahedron), which are the basic forms found in nature around us all the time.

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