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A multi-purpose reference paintings which should still turn into an vital significant other for anyone who comes into contact with Hinduism. encompasses a dictionary of Sanskrit and vernacular phrases; a word list of phrases and ideas; and a survey of the ancient improvement of Hinduism.

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Bel) a tree, Aegle marmelos, from whose wood Śiva made his staff and therefore it is favoured as material for making amulets. It also provides ingredients for medicines and oaths are sworn by it. bindu dot, drop, globule; in philosophy: the metaphysical point out of time and space where the absolute and the phenomenal meet, which is experienced in some types of samādhi; the sacred mark made on the forehead, symbolizing the third eye (the eye of wisdom); in the Tantras: semen; Śiva’s semen, the essence of life and the symbol of the nectar of immortality; the symbol of brahman, the essence of all reality.

Arjuna (‘white’) the name of the third Pāndu prince in the Mhb, a son of Indra. related to him the teachings of the BhG before the great war started on the when Arjuna hesitated to engage in the battle. battlefield artha purpose, goal, sake; means, wealth, achievement, success; in the broad sense: goal of life as embodied in the Hindu ethical system of four human aims to be realized in the life of a person, namely (1) dharma (duty, morality, religious observances), (2) artha in the narrow sense (wealth, prosperity, reputation or fame), (3) kāma (sensory and aesthetic fulfilment) and (4) (liberation, salvation).

400. Bhagavān (derived from the name of the Āditya Bhaga) the Lord; Reverend; Venerable. g. Rajneesh). e. of the Lord . C. Bhairava a wrathful incarnation of Śiva; Bhairavī: his consort. bhajan(a) (sharing, service, worship; it is derived from the Skt. root bhaj, just as bhakti)—devotional song. bhakta a devotee pursuing the path of love for God. bhakti love, devotion. Often depicted in some as an overpowering emotion, it can be adopted as an exclusive goal of life, a way to God (bhaktimārga). It is also often regarded as a way of life which can be rationally and deliberately cultivated and it then becomes a ‘discipline of devotion’ (Bhakti Yoga).

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