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This e-book presents an easy advent to a nonlinear concept of generalized services brought via J.F. Colombeau, which supplies a aspiring to any multiplication of distributions. This conception extends from natural arithmetic (it provides a loyal generalization of the classical idea of C? features and offers a synthesis of so much present multiplications of distributions) to physics (it allows the answer of ambiguities that seem in items of distributions), passing in the course of the thought of partial differential equations either from the theoretical standpoint (it furnishes an idea of vulnerable answer of pde's resulting in existence-uniqueness ends up in many instances the place no distributional resolution exists) and the numerical point of view (it introduces new and effective tools built lately in elastoplasticity, hydrodynamics and acoustics). this article provides easy recommendations and effects which before have been simply released in article shape. it's in- tended for mathematicians yet, because the concept and functions will not be dissociated it will possibly even be beneficial for physicists and engineers. The wanted necessities for its interpreting are basically diminished to the classical notions of differential calculus and the idea of integration over n-dimensional euclidean spaces.

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G 1 E ~¢(~') property + [-~,w] : there for is ~>0 every KCC~ such have Rz E let R there E is that R(9~,x) = RI(In(9~),R2(9~,x)) all x E I< a n d 0(~(~. Then R is an element of ~[~] and we define G I o G 2 E ~(~) as of the c l a s s of R l and R2). Proof to the - the The R (this proof reader that Let representatives RI,RIE~M[Q' ] and us class RE@M[~ ] prove Rt set, is now and not depend R 2 of for ~ ~[~'], 9 E ~N(E~), on the straightforward that G] Gz I%2,R~E@M[O,Em] be such R,-R; We does R~-~ o<~<~ and o G 2 does and G~, choices not it is respectively.

4 property of ~i to be c o n s t a n t in a O - n e i g h b o r h o o d , defined in 1 . 2 . 8 w o u l d be C ® o n E~. H o w e v e r , but non trivial, proof, shows that this condition necessary. More precisely , if t ~ ~0 (t) belongs ~o a n e v e n f u n c t i o n , then the map x ~ ~o ( ] x I E C®(En ) . n. deg(Pj)=m for basis all of E n- j, such as r -* O. that Pj(x) D~(x ~ f(Ixlz ))(x)= ~ n f~J)(IxlE ) j:l n ix[2m-J E n for x~ 2 - Let Lemma If O. n. an f(J)(r)=O basis = o(Ixlz ) (r s - j ) of E n then as Ixl~ n Proof of the remainder to asser%ion : Applying ~0 0, we h a v e around r 2~ - - ~o~ k r 2 ~o ( 0 ) + .

We define here a subspace ~ s ( 2 ) of ~ ( £ ) , in w h i c h t h e subscript "s" stands for "simplified", due to its simpler definition . We still have a canonical inclusion of C'(2) into • s(D) b u t w e do n o t h a v e a p r i v i l e g e d natural inclusion of C(~) into ~(~), a n d t h u s of ~" (~) i n t o ~ ( ~ ) . To a n y d i s t r i b u t i o n on Q, several elements of ~(~), without any privilege, are associated. for Working in t h i s several developments applications. extend at once can usually of n o t a t i o n s .

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