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This ebook represents the fruit of a long time of analysis into using acupuncture as a device for freeing protecting styles within the bodymind so one can fix functional/structural stability and to alleviate power discomfort. Dr. appear stocks his medical event of the way and why this sort of acupuncture works and provides particular protocols to be used within the health facility. This booklet is a beneficial reference textual content for somebody whose perform focuses frequently on acupuncture.

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After 15 years of practicing acupuncture, I have come to the conclusion that reactive points are far more effective than textbook points for chronic pain management. In discovering the concept of trigger point deactivation, [ have realized that my own experience confirms what has already been so well documented and argued by Travel! and Simons. In his informative textbook on this subject, British physician, P. E. Baldry, discusses the same notion. Dry-needling into trigger points, in his case with solid acupuncture or EMG needles and based on Western myofascial understandings rather than on Chinese metaphysical concepts, yields highly effective treatment of myofascial pain disorders With immediate applicability in mainstream medicine and health care.

Most styles of acupuncture pay attention to both root3 and symptomatic treatment. Nevertheless, it is my experience that different schools tend to emphasize one or the other. As with all preferences or biases, it is important and useful to be aware of one's own relative position' with respect to others. 3 In discussing root versus local or symptomatic treatment here, I am not referring to TCM discussion of Root (the underlying cause of a disorder) versus Branch (the effects and symptoms deriving from the underlying cause), but, rather, as in Japanese meridian therapy, to the difference between focusing on treatment of the core or essence of a person's being as opposed to attention to symptoms.

Xi's treatment protocol, one should tonify and support the constitution or root (yin deficiency in the zangfu )and disperse the local yang excess in the painful joints. Dr. Xi stresses palpation of the body surface, especially for sensitive and painful points from among the front mu, back shu, and Hua Tuo jia ji . In terms of myofascial anatomy, this means one should search for tender points in the rectus abdominis, erector spinae, and multifidi muscles respectively. He also searches for abnormal manifestations or pain in the following major groups of distal acupuncture points: yuan source points, xi cleft points, and luo connecting points, all of which are on the extremities.

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