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Dale Welland flew to Mexico to flee banks, embezzlers, and the vacancy of his residence after his female friend moved out. He selected the town of los angeles Paz as the identify intended peace, and while a stranger named Brent Markesson provided to take him crusing on a ship named some distance Reacher, Dale believed he'd discovered the peach he used to be searching for. "A man's achieve should still exceed his grab, else what is a heaven for ..." every thing approximately Brent Markesson interested Dale - his boat, his way of life, and his lifeless spouse. Then Markesson provided at hand all of it over, and all of sudden not anything used to be what it appeared - now not the sailboat, no longer the lady, and particularly now not the homicide.

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His penknife was missing, but he did not care. He did not ask about his bag. He was almost positive that it had been left back on Far Reacher. God knew what had happened to it, but he was not delaying even another minute here to find out. He would get out, get clean and presentable somehow, and then he would decide what he could do. " The officer's voice was polite. "Yes. " The taxi came almost at once. "El presidente", he told the driver, breathing easier as the battered taxi passed through the gates and outside the prison walls.

Catherine, there. s a possibility that your husband was involved in something rather. rather odd. I cannot yet locate the money, and. " She saw the grimace on his face and she supplied the definition. Illegal. Would Brent be involved in something ... odd? Yes, he might. The dream was more important than the price. That had always been the difference between them. Lorne put his drink down and stood up. "The point is, my dear, that either that boat was sold, or the estate of Brent Markesson owes an American named Dale Welland the sum of a fifty thousand dollars.

Brent," she whispered in the empty office. There was only the sound of her own fingers on the keys. Love, she thought, but it was empty, sterile. In the middle of the dark night, her fingers stilled. Had he been alone? Or had he taken another woman into his bed, someone who could take her place without failing when the test came? Oh, God! What did it matter? She did not sleep. When it was time that Lorne would be awake, drinking his first cup of coffee and reading his newspaper, she dialed his number on the telephone.

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