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By George Alec Effinger

Marid Audran has turn into every thing he as soon as despised. no longer see you later in the past, he was once a hustler within the Budayeen, an Arabian ghetto in a Balkanized destiny Earth. again then, as usually as no longer, he didn't have the money to shop for himself a drink. yet he had his independence.

Now Marid works for Friedlander Bey, "godfather" of the Budayeen, a guy whose strength stretches throughout a shattered, crumbling international. throughout the day, Marid is a policeman…and Bey's own envoy to the police. His new place has introduced him funds and gear which he may abandon in a second if he may possibly go back to a lifetime of neither possessing nor being owned. Which, regrettably, isn't one in all his options.

It's additionally now not a subject. For anything darkish is afoot. whatever that's sending the town into chaos. supporting a child-mutilator to prevent arrest. Sending a killer to homicide Marid's associate. Murdering prostitutes and savaging their continues to be. indicators aspect to the hand of Abu Adil--the one guy within the urban whose strength competitors Friedlander Bey's. no matter what occurs subsequent, it's unlikely to be excellent news for Marid Audran…

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