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By Penguin Press, Jonathan Safran Foer

Jonathan Safran Foer has lengthy had a keenness for the paintings of the twentieth-century American assemblage artist Joseph Cornell. encouraged by means of Cornell's avian-themed containers, and suspecting that they'd be equally inspiring to others, Foer started to write letters. The responses he obtained from luminaries of yankee writing have been not anything in need of excellent. Twenty writers generously contributed items of prose and poetry which are as eclectic as they're creative, and the result's a different collaborative undertaking and the most major engagements of literature with artwork for a few years.

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I was quite favored about a mile away from India. I asked Edward if he wanted more than anything not to be unkind to me, that was how coldly and calmly I was determined to be passionate. Joseph Cornell UNTITLED {OWL WITH MOON} c. 6875 in. mixed media box construction THE CURSIVE EXAMPLE Howard Norman SINCE I COULDN’T SLEEP, I toured the farmhouse. There was little new in this. Tea would’ve been better, but I percolated coffee, then drank a cup, an accompaniment to being awake, not the cause. The night would be less wretched because I’d learned to consider insomnia an expertise.

Many were entranced by Cornell’s works (which were displayed only a few feet off of the ground), and many by the chocolate cake that was passed about on plastic platters. Some cried, some fell asleep on the parquet, and some left with “party favors”—complimentary posters, signed by Cornell. Fifteen years later, a young woman received one of these posters in the mail. It was from an ex-lover she hadn’t thought about since college. Just above Cornell’s signature he had written: I love this. You will love this.

Grid Box (c) 2000 by Rosmarie Waldrop. Song (c) 2000 by Robert Pinsky and reprinted from the book Jersey Rain. The Impetus was Delight (c) 2001 by Lydia Davis. Poem in Which a Bird Does Some of the Talking (c) 2000 by John Yau. If the Aging Magician Should Begin to Believe (c) 2001 by Jonathan Safran Foer. P. Distributed Art Publishers, Inc. com CONTENTS BARRY LOPEZ ERIK ANDERSON REECE RICK MOODY JOYCE CAROL OATES DIANE WILLIAMS HOWARD NORMAN JOHN BURGHARDT PAUL WEST SIRI HUSTVEDT ROBERT COOVER BRADFORD MORROW MARTINE BELLEN DALE PECK JOANNA SCOTT DIANE ACKERMAN ANN LAUTERBACH MARY CAPONEGRO ROSMARIE WALDROP ROBERT PINKSY LYDIA DAVIS JOHN YAU JONATHAN SAFRAN FOER ACKNOWLEDGMENTS INTRODUCTION Emory Bird Hands’ Birds Rowing in Eden It Generally Leads a Solitary Life or Lives in Pairs The Box Artist Showing an Episode The Cursive Example Construction Boxed In Nine Boxes The Grand Hotels For Brother Robert Magic Musee The Appearance of Things Slide Show Of A Feather Bookmark, Horizon (Emily Dickinson) Because I Could Not Stop For Death Grid Box Song The Impetus was Delight Poem in Which a Bird Does Some of the Talking If the Aging Magician Should Begin to Believe A {miniature} BIOGRAPHY NOTES ON THE CONTRIBUTORS ILLUSTRATION CREDITS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS THIS BOOK WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE without the tremendous knowledge and generosity of Jennifer Vorbach at C&M Arts, John Mason and Margaret Richardson at PaceWildenstein, Mary Anne Orszag at the Des Moines Art Center, and Geraldine Aramanda at the Menil Collection, all of whom bent over backward to make sure we were provided with what we needed (and didn’t even know we needed).

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