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By George Bayer

While you're attracted to astrology, and particularly monetary astrology, then this can be one of many books you'll want. It teaches you the basics of constructing a horoscope for person shares, indexes, companies and members, and likewise speak about how you can decipher and interpret what you've gotten created.

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1922. a sequence of lectures starting with the outlet of the French path on the Goetheanum Dornach in September 1922. Contents: 3 steps of Anthroposophy; routines of proposal, feeling and volition; equipment of imaginitive, encouraged and intuitive wisdom or cognition; workouts of cognition and should; stories of the soul in sleep; transference from the psycho-spiritual to the actual experience lifestyles in man's improvement; courting of Christ with humanity; occasion of dying and its dating with the Christ; vacation spot of the ego-consciousness along with the Christ challenge; on experiencing the need a part of the soul.

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This booklet used to be switched over from its actual version to the electronic structure by means of a neighborhood of volunteers. you could locate it at no cost on the net. buy of the Kindle version comprises instant supply. [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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55' equals 19 Cn 56' as the Moon's position at noon:progressed Moon for May 25th 1937, the day of the accident. Step #3: The next step for us to do is to locate the Moon's position for the exact noon of the birth place. This we do with logarithms. 56 PM at 19 Cn56' and its motion during the day is 13 degrees 31', how much does it move in 56 minutes? and where is this Moon 56 minutes prior? 31 log 56' 2493 1,4102 1,6595 or 32 minutes The Moon travelled in the 56 minutes just 32 minutes. 56' Cancer less 32 minutes or 19 Cn 24 m.

Step #8 is the most difficult to understand for most students. I shall bring a second example for a time during the afternoon to repeat the process. 10 of some sign which forms a conjunction (same sign), a square (3 signs away) or an opposition (6 signs away), then we may assume that it is Saturn that brought forth the event. 49 Cancer. This would mean that we have to do with a conjunction. 49 Cancer? 24 or 2 degrees 25 minutes. ) 7477 which log equals 4 hours 17 minutes. 17 PM to fit the event.

This must be taken into consideration to make a perfect work. There are special tables available for it, but I believe for the average good horoscope you do not need them. A little head work will do the trick. To give a simple example let us say that the increase in speed of the Moon from one day to the next is 24 minutes. e. the actual difference shown from noon of one day to noon of the next day). 00 Cancer, its motion would have been 14º00'. The following day, however, if it is at noon at 1º24' Leo, then its motion would have been on that day 14º24' instead of 14º00'.

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