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By Erik Ringmar

There has been by no means any such factor as precise freedom of speech. some time past, for you to communicate freely you needed to have entry to a printing press, a newspaper, a radio or a television station. And all over the place you needed to get previous the editors. simply participants of the elite ever did – the articulate and well-behaved 'representatives' of standard humans. yet these usual humans hardly ever, if ever, had an opportunity to talk publicly and freely.  Until now. The age of running a blog has began. the web revolution has given us all an opportunity to be irreverent, blasphemous and ungrammatical in public. we will display secrets and techniques, blow whistles, spill beans or simply make stuff up.   The previous elites do not like it. actually, they honestly, quite hate it. Blogs are more often than not close down, and bloggers are silenced, reprimanded and fired from their jobs. without notice glossy liberal society finds a repressive face that few folks knew existed.   may still we behave ourselves? may still we fall silent? totally now not! Let's name them on their hypocrisy. Let's call for that sleek liberal society lives via the foundations it claims to embody. Bloggers of the realm, unite! you don't have anything to lose yet your gags.

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Your further messages to your colleagues and to me are disingenuous. The issue here is not a policy on blogging, it is whether a colleague can publicly abuse his employer and his colleagues without consequences. I further understand that you repeated these slurs to parents and prospective students, which is further cause for complaint. I think you should reflect carefully on your behaviour which I find most disappointing. I was shocked and suddenly very worried. But while my fears no doubt were justified, my surprise was not.

The shores of the internet are littered with blogs which have run aground and been abandoned by their owners. How many readers do blogs have? Again most of the hard data comes from the United States. Studies by The Pew Internet & American Life Project indicate that in 2006 some 39 per cent of the internet users read blogs, corresponding to no fewer than 57 million adult Americans. This represents a vast increase over the two previous years. As late as in 2004, a majority of those surveyed said they did not ‘have a clear understanding of what a blog is’.

Most have understood that the blogging revolution can’t be stopped, and some have even understood that it is something that should be embraced. Universities are about communication, expression and criticism after all. That’s what blogs are about too. The two go together like student dorms and disabled smoke alarms. Still, most universities have been slow in grasping the magnitude of the transformation. Just take a look at the home page of any randomly chosen university. It’s so obviously designed by consultants.

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