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Account of vital occasions in Ramtha s lifetime, from delivery to his ascension, in addition to Ramtha s easy teachings on: attention and effort; the character of fact; The self and the character; The Observer in quantum mechanics; The auric box surrounding the physique; The kundalini strength; and the seven seals within the physique. This educating covers the creation given to scholars starting their learn and coaching at Ramtha s institution of Enlightenment.
specified content material: Foreword through JZ Knight, Introductory Essay to Ramtha s Teachings by way of Jaime Leal-Anaya, Diagrams, Workbook, thesaurus and distinctive Index.

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So words that I have used in your past were there deliberately for the empowerment of the moment. "22 22 Preserving Oneself, February 6, 1991, Tape 304 ed. (Yelm: Ramtha Dialogues, 1991). 44 INTROD UCTORY ESSAY TO R AMTHA 'S T EACHINGS Summary: Ramtha's Teachings As a Self-Contained System of Thought and Interpretation of the Nature of Reality Cornerstones of Ramthas System of Thought The Void, one vast nothing, all things potentially Consciousness and energy create reality Behold God! You are the forgotten Gods Our purpose is to make known the unknown Ramtha's teachings cover a vast amount of subjects, yet they all serve to expound the fundamental concepts of his own system of thought.

Before His Physical Incarnation Who chose to be Ramtha? 1. Who has chosen to be you? You. You, like I, before entering into that which is termed coagulated thought to what flesh is, chose the genetic patterns to which you would evolve from in your processes of understanding matter. When you are in the greater level and you have never descended into the lower frequencies, you cannot understand. In the innocence of your being you have no knowledge to understand. Thus you do not understand the whole of God's kingdom; you are simply there.

All, as it were indeed, that came from that continent were not loved and honored by the Atlatians for they were high in their intellect while the Lemurians, as it were indeed, were strong in that which is termed the Spirit, the invisible understanding. My forefathers worshiped a power that they called the Unknown God, and even late unto your history his name remained on altars, as it were indeed, throughout various civilizations. When I came unto that which is called Atlatia, I came through that which is termed a canal, and the greatest port in Atlatia, as it were indeed, was its southern sphere called Onai.

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