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When you call him in to deliver the bad news. Otherwise, the person could claim “ambush” and make your motives look suspicious. “If you set the expectations at the beginning, and you are giving feedback, the employee will see the writing on the wall,” said Diane Pfadenhauer, the owner of Employment Practices Advisors in Northport, New York. If you provided the employee opportunities and resources to improve his performance, you certainly should document those good-faith efforts. That benevolence is proof that your intent wasn’t to get rid of the person but to help him salvage a tarnished work record.

Otherwise you will face a nasty break-up and an extended healing process. Epilogue When a difficult employee wants to exit the company, make sure the process of saying good-bye works for both of you. 35 Establish a System for Filing Complaints The courts look favorably at companies that establish procedures for identifying and addressing employee complaints. The crafting of such policies reflects how serious the company is about tackling personnel conflicts, and that perception can make the difference between victory or defeat in a legal proceeding.

40 Quick Ideas 21-22 151 Quick Ideas 16-30 22 Don’t Take Problem People Home It is said that Einstein discovered a key element of his theory of relativity while at rest on a grassy knoll. Newton discovered the theory of gravity under an apple tree when a piece of the fruit fell and whacked him on the head. When it comes to problem-solving, taking a break from your problems is often the best Assignment strategy. Indulge yourself at Give yourself a break home. Do some crossword from wrangling over perpuzzles, play a board game, sonnel issues by not taking or just sink into an easy the problems home.

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